Wednesday 9 July 2014

Younique Fibre Mascara

Earlier this week, I got a fibre mascara from the brand Younique, and considered it the perfect opportunity for a product review. Personally, I'm not a big fan of fibre mascaras. I find them sticky, and I'm never satisfied with the final look. One of my family members had been using this mascara for about a week prior to me trying it out and she absolutely loved it, so I was feeling optimistic.

The mascara comes with a small paper explaining the product and how to use it. The blurb before the directions claims to provide "a 300% increase in thickness and volume to your lashes". Did it do this? No. Personally, I am a big fan of thick, voluminous lashes, and I've never cared much about adding length because my lashes are naturally quite long. If I compare this mascara to the mascara I use on a daily basis (L'ancĂ´me Hypnose Star), Younique's mascara fell WAY flat. It gave my lashes a really spidery look and added length to random chunks of lashes, making it look like I had very badly trimmed my lashes. It didn't add any thickness or volume as the package claimed it would.

The instructions say to "Apply a thin coat of your favourite regular mascara on both sets of lashes" and then wait for the mascara to completely dry before proceeding to use their product. Not only does this mean that your lashes are very hard and set when trying to apply their "Transplanting Gel", but it also means that you have to find something else to do for the approximate 5 minutes that it takes for your mascara to dry completely. This to me seems like a waste of time, especially considering that they suggest you work one eye at a time with the fibres. It's definitely not the mascara to pick if you need to get out of the house in a rush.

The only potentially redeeming thing about this mascara is the packaging. There are two separate tubes for this product ("Transplanting Gel" and the fibres), and they both fit nicely in a small black case that looks something like a case for glasses. The packaging of the product itself is also really nice. A sleek matte black tube and a glossy black top, very chic.

Unfortunately, as nice as the packaging is, the product does not change my feelings about fibre mascaras.

Have you tried this product? Tell me what you thought!

xx Maya